The Eighth Session at The Kansas City Art Institute

8th SESSION: October 2011
At the Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, Missouri, United States

 The Session 8th ( The Kansas City Session) started on September 28 hosted by the  prestigious Kansas City Art Institute in the United States.  Directed by Alicia Candiani and co-directed by Miguel Rivera (KCAI Chair of Printmaking and 2011 ‘ace’s artist in residence) is taking place at the KCAI Printmaking Department workshops involving juniors – seniors students and professors. Hugh Merrill -a key figure in the arts  and in the printmaking teaching of the Mid West area- is participating as a guest artist. Douglas Baker was the coordinator with the students.

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Project Director
Alicia Candiani
Project Co-Director
Miguel Rivera
Guest artist
Hugh Merrill
Students Coordinator
Doug Baker
Participating students
Travis Gunn
Jandro Montero
Mackenzie O’Hare
Caitlin Peters
Teal Roberts Wilson
Ian Snyder
Lauren Stookey
Katie Twiss
Polly Wilson

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