The Nine Session at Montclair State University, United States

9th SESSION | Introduction: March 2015 | Workshop: April 2016
Montclair State University. New Jersey. United States

The Montclair session was the result of a two year visual arts project with Professor Catherine Bebout. During a short term lecture visit to MSU in the Fall of 2015, Candiani first introduced the “Self-Portraits” project to the MFA students and Art and Design faculty. After a second meeting in Buenos Aires, former Global Ed Director Dr. Marina Cunningham, offered her a Global Scholar in Residence award and scheduled return visit for the following spring semester.

Made possible with support from the Global Education Center, Alicia Candiani launched in April 2016 a new session of the Self-Portrait Project at Montclair State University (USA), College of the Arts, Department of Art and Design.Ms. Candiani and Prof Bebout conducted the collaborative, 10 day, hands on workshop that involved both a series of lectures and practicums presented to ten MFA graduate students who committed to project during her introductory visit. The participants included (2) Fulbright  scholar artists: MSU Rescue Scholar Jumana Jaber from Syria and MFA student coordinator, Natalia Borisenko from Russia in addition to fellow international graduates in the program hailing from Poland, Macedonia, UK, and Guatemala.  The collaborative project was an opportunity for the participants at Montclair State, where they were invited to contribute to the global art project to work far beyond the frontiers of their local creative community, allowing their art practice to become a part of a global dialogue.

2013; campus, Main Entrance

Alicia Candiani & Catherine Bebout
Natalia Borisenko

Participating faculty, graduate students and students
Jenna Bartello
Ruth Borgenitch
Natalia Borisenko
Jumana Jaber
Kasia Skorynkiewicz
Irena Pejovic
Christopher Rivas
Stephanie Spitz

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