The Seventh Session at the MTS Gallery and The University of Anchorage

7th SESSION: October 2010
MTS Gallery and The Printmaking Studio at the University of Anchorage, Alaska

Hosted by The MTS Gallery in Anchorage and The University of Anchorage, the 7th Session of the International Self-Portraits Project was took place from October 18 to 22. The Alaskan session was co-directed by the University of Alaska’s professor and artist Garry Kautlitz. Alicia Candiani has been also invited by the University of Alaska in Anchorage as juror of this year “No Big Head” annual self-portrait exhibition. The University of Alaska Anchorage is the state’s largest post-secondary institution. Located in the heart of Alaska’s largest city, the campus is nestled in the middle of a greenbelt, surrounded by lakes, ponds and wildlife, and is connected to a city-wide trail system perfect for student’s active lifestyle.
The Department of Art aims to prepare and empower students to use their artistic abilities to make a difference in society. A comprehensive multi-studio approach encourages independent thinking, strengthens creativity, and develops a knowledge of the critical and historical aspects of art.

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Project Director
Alicia Candiani
Project Co-Director
Garry Kaulitz

Participating Artists
Alicia Candiani
Hal Gage
Esther Hong
Ward Hulbert
Acacia Johnson
Jen Jollif
Garry Kaulitz
Petra Lisiecki
Keren Lowell
Enzina Marrari
Cloud Medicine Crow
Don Mohr
Sheila Wyne
Clark Yerrington

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