1st Session: Fundación Pilar i Joan Miró. Mallorca, España | 2006
2nd Session: Universidad Castilla La Mancha. Cuenca, España | 2006
3rd Session: Fundación ´ace. Buenos Aires, Argentina | 2007
4th Session: Grafiken Hus. Mariefred, Suecia | 2007
5th Session: Atelier Presse Papier. Quebec, Canadá | 2008
6th Session: Atelier Livre. Porto Alegre, Brasil | 2009
7th Session: University of Anchorage and MTS Gallery. Anchorage , Alaska | 2010
8th Session: Kansas Art Institute. Kansas City, Missouri, United States | 2011
9th Session: Montclair State University. Montclair, New Jersey, United States | 2016
10th Session: NYSCC at Alfred University. Alfred, New York., United States | 2018

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