The Sixth Session at Atelier Livre

6th SESSION: July 2009
Atelier Livre, Porto Alegre, BRAZIL


Since 1960 the “Atelier Livre” moved to different places until it could have a permanent space with the opening of the Municipal Cultural Center in November 1978 with an area of 1716 m2, twith facilities for various workshops, exhibition hall and an auditorium.
The Atelier‘s history is marked by significant and continuous innovation, highlighting the 1st Art Festival Porto Alegre, the 1st Festival of Drawing, Design of Light, Color and Movement (integrating art, music, theater and body language) and The Out-door Project. Most of these projects are being organized by Atelier Livre.
Since the creation of the Municipal Department of Culture, the free workshop joined the Department of Art, which is subject to the financial management FUNCULTURA Fund (Pro-Culture of the Municipality of Porto Alegre).

Project Director
Alicia Candiani

Project Co-Director
Mara Caruso

Participating Artists
María Darmeli Araújo
Rodrigo Beheregaray
Ana Bettini
Leci Bohn
Leopoldo Castanzo
Alicia Candiani
Maria do Carmo Toniolo Kuhn
Mara Caruso
Sandra Fraga
Clara Figueira
Silvia Giordani
Elise Hillmann
Walter Karwatzki
Maristela Winck

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