The Second Session at Castilla-La Mancha University, Campus Cuenca

2nd SESSION:  October 2006
Castilla-La Mancha University  – Campus Cuenca, Castilla La Mancha, SPAIN

The Faculty of Fine Arts in Cuenca, check founded in 1986 has been a pioneer in the Spanish university context in adapting to the transformations of artistic practice for two decades. The University of Castilla-La Mancha, advised by leading figures of Spanish art, among whom was Luis Gordillo, Lucio Muñoz and Antonio López-made it possible to conceive a new and different model compared to the usual in our country. In this new model outweighed the inclusion of new forms and artistic practices present in the world of art, interdisciplinary, experimental and vocation.

Since its inception, one of the most important tasks of the “Fundación Real casa de la Moneda” has been to recover and ensure continuity in our country the art of engraving, especially intaglio. In this regard, during 1990-1991, launched the School of Engraving and Graphic Design, whose facilities were located within the grounds of the museum itself Mint. School created with the idea of joining in this tradition and modernity by teaching the ancient technique of burin engraving and hole and the latest trends in computer-aided design: that is, to train professionals capable of recording and in the century XVIII and design as in the XXI. The classrooms and laboratories of the School of Engraving and Graphic Design Foundation Royal Mint occupy a space of 276 m2 granted by the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre, as a unit within the Museum.

Project Director
Alicia Candiani
Project Co-Director
Enrique Leal

Participating Artists
Maite Aldaz Enrique
Iván Araiz Aina
Alicia Candiani
Inma Palencia Díaz
María Valvanera Jiménez
Enrique Leal
Beatriz Piqueras Navarro
Lorena Ponce Picazo
Ana Gabriela Requena Olivares
Yanel Oscar Sánchez
Raquel Sánchez Garcia

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