The Fourth Session at Grafikens Hus

4rd SESSION: October/November 2007
Grafikens Hus, Mariefred, SWEDEN

In the old royal barn of Gripsholms Castle in Mariefred is now an International centre for Fine Arts printmaking. In 1996 Grafikens Hus opened its doors to 2000 square meters on two levels which today host exhibition halls, workshops, collections, a library, comference rooms, a shop and a café.

Project Director
Alicia Candiani

Project Co-Director
Lars Göran

Participating Artists
Ulrika Andersson
Mats Bergqvist
Alicia Candiani
Lars Göran
Hanna Gustavsson
Virlan Hallberg
Bill-Ove Jonsson
Mattias Olsson
Josefin Skon
Johan Wahlgren
Felicia V. Zweigbergk

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